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NEW.. Telephone top up, no credit card required…

January 19th, 2011

If you’re in the UK and need to top up your account but do not have your credit or debit card handy, or just don’t fancy using a credit card online, then this is for you. Designed specifically for light users of our service you can now add money to your account in 30 seconds!

We’ve introduced a new very simple method of adding money to your account in £1.53 increments without the need of a credit or debit card. The new service is called Telephone Topup.
You simply call the number shown on the screen – 0904 161 0199 – enter your unique PIN also shown on the screen, when asked to do so. The PIN is unique to your account and will stay the same, so you can even top up your account when you are away from your PC by making a note of the number and your unique PIN.

That’s it, all done in about 30 seconds. The cost of the call will appear on your phone bill and your account will immediately be credited with £1.53 which can be used in the normal way.

Q: Why £1.53? Isn’t that a strange amount?

A: Calls to this number cost £1.50 prior to the VAT rate rising. Now VAT is 20% the cost of making the call is £1.53

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