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iPhone Call Recorder now records calls to 0800 Freephone numbers using your inclusive minutes – in most cases this will be FREE!

January 26th, 2011
Sundial Telecom iPhone Call Recorder App

Calls made to 0800 Freephone numbers using our iPhone Call Recorder App will now be charged at your standard network rate for a geographic call.

With more and more people downloading and using our iPhone Call Recorder App we thought it was time for a change that our customer feedback would suggest is welcome. Historically calls to 0800 Freephone numbers from mobile phones have been anything but free. Whether you record calls for legal, regulatory or commercial reasons we’ve just made it cheaper to record calls to 0800 numbers. Up to now, if you’d wanted to record a call to an 0800 Freephone number this would have cost you 25p per minute. From now on these calls will be to a UK geographic number and as such count as a call within your inclusive minutes – for most of you this means a free call.

There are no changes to the way the app works except when you enter an 0800 number in step 2, step 3 will notify you that the call we’re about to make for you will be free of charge.

We are always interested in your feedback so feel free to get in touch – iphoneapps@sundialtele.com

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