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Fax Manager Makeover

February 9th, 2011

Our award winning Fax Manager service has had a makeover. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do anything differently as it works in the same way.

When we launched the service in 2006 there was only one method of you sending documents to us for faxing – email. This is why it was called ’email to fax’.

Over the last year we have added several different methods of uploading documents which has resulted in the name becoming a little confusing. So, the fax sending service previously called ’email to fax’ is now simply called ‘sending faxes’

Nothing has changed with the functionality, you just have other options of sending documents to us for faxing which are described below;


The oldest and still the most popular – the image below tells you all you need to know.
How to send a fax by email

Fax Composer

Simply type your document directly into a web page, add a number to send it to and we do the rest.

Fax Upload

Upload a document from your computer directly to our server. This method is more secure than sending an email.

More detailed information about all of these methods can be found here.

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