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New regulator registration scheme launches

May 25th, 2011

On the 30th March, PhonepayPlus (The regulator of the UK premium rate industry) published the 12th edition of its code of practice. Representatives of Sundial Telecom were present at the launch to hear a presentation of how the new code will affect the industry.

The new code is built around six Outcomes with supporting Rules, designed to ensure that consumers can use premium rate services with absolute confidence. The new Code is designed to allow networks and providers to find their own routes to delivering compliance, creating systems and approaches that suit the needs of their business and their customers. To support this flexibility, PhonepayPlus will issue guidance to industry, both General and Service specific, that is non-binding, but which represents agreed standards of good practice.

Alongside the new Code, PhonepayPlus is launching a mandatory Registration Scheme for networks and service providers, which is designed to assist providers in carrying out due diligence and risk assessment duties on their clients, as well as delivering an enhanced number checking service to consumers.

The timetable for the new code launch is as follows;

30 March 2011 – The new Code is published

April to August – Pre-Registration is open

01 September 2011 – The new Code comes into force.

Between now and the end of August 2011, if you are involved in and benefit financially (anywhere in the value chain) from any aspect of the UK premium rate telephone industry, you MUST be registered.

As a responsible service provider we will be assisting our clients with the registration process. More information can be found at – http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk/For-Business/Registration.aspx

If you have any questions please contact your Sundial Telecom Account Manager.

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