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Kenwood choose Sundial hosted fax solution

January 25th, 2012

Sundial Telecom are pleased to announce that Kenwood have chosen our hosted fax solution, Fax Manager, to help streamline their fax activity and reduce costs. The Sundial Telecom fax solution makes use of ‘virtual’ fax numbers by converting incoming faxes to a PDF document and emailing it to a defined email address. This will allow them to retire several fax machines, saving money on paper, toner, electricity and line rental. They will also use our email to fax service to send fax documents directly to the recipient by email. More information at http://www.sundialtele.com/products/faxmanager/

Kenwood, famous the world over for innovation, quality and great design of kitchen appliances since 1947 are pleased to be saving money, increasing efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint by making use of our services. More information at http://www.kenwoodworld.com/uk/

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