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The fax is dead… Long live the fax

February 9th, 2011

Why fax is still an important means of communication

These days you’d think we had all the technology we needed to communicate with anybody, anywhere in the world within a few seconds. Our homes and offices are brimming with the latest gizmos and gadgets, most of which are connected to our super fast broadband. The mobile internet and smart phones have given us the freedom to communicate freely while we’re on the move and both the devices and the data are getting faster and faster.

So, with all of this in mind you may wonder why anybody would still want to send a fax? Surely there are better ways of sending documents?

Well they do, and for some documents, there isn’t.

How to send a fax by email

If the figures from our Fax Manager services are anything to go by, people are sending & receiving faxes in increasing numbers. There are several reasons why this might be the case which I’ll come to but our figures would suggest a 30% increase in faxes sent & received in 2010 when compared with 2009. It’s true to say that some of this increase is down to our Fax manager service being so easy to use that we’ve gained new users who’ve switched from our competitors – you can see how easy it is further down this page, or by clicking here.

Some of the reasons why Fax Manager is so popular include;


Confidential and sensitive documents are more secure when faxed than when emailed. The worries surrounding email security mean that for certain business and government sectors, some documents are required to be faxed rather than emailed. These include finance, accountancy, health & legal documents.


Money can be saved as fax machine consumables such as paper & toner are no longer required. You will no longer need an extra telephone line for the fax machine and in most cases you will no longer even need the fax machine itself. Staff members can send and receive faxes without even leaving their desks leading to increased efficiency. In a large organisation this can lead to significant savings over a short period of time.


No longer using paper, toner and electricity for the fax machine will help your green credentials by reducing your carbon footprint. You can now choose which inbound faxes to keep, print or delete – The Sundial Telecom Fax Manager service was a finalist in the Federation of Communication Services Green Awards for small business in 2010.


Getting your word out to customers has always been a challenge whatever business you’re involved in. Our inboxes are inundated every day with spam & junk mail from companies we’ve never signed up with, so it’s easy to miss the emails about the things we are interested in. It’s clear then that email marketing is not as effective as it once was. For this reason we’re seeing a resurgence in fax marketing for which we have some specific tools. Our Fax Broadcast application will allow you to create address books of your customers and upload fax documents to your library. You can then simply send ‘Document A’ to ‘Customer list C’, for example in just a few clicks.

How it works – Sending Faxes;

There are several methods of uploading documents to our Fax Manager platform so we think we’ve catered for most requirements. Documents can be emailed, uploaded via our website, typed directly into a text window or added to a fax broadcast library. Once your document is on our fax platform, we’ll fax it to the number you‘ve supplied in a matter of seconds and you’ll be notified by email of the outcome.

How it works – Receiving Faxes;

If you’ve added a fax number to your Fax Manager account we’ll send any fax received on it to your email address instantly. We’ll send them to you in PDF or TIF format and you’ll have the ability to build your fax archive.

We’re not saying that ‘fax is the future’, but love it or hate it, it should still be an important part of your communication strategy.

There is much more information about or Fax Manager platform here

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