Call Manager

The Call Manager solution from Sundial Telecom is a UK call answering service that gives you the ability to use a single telephone number for all your telephone and fax call needs. Designed to be used with 0800, 0844, 0871, 0330, 09 or geographic numbers (see numbers section for more information), this solution gives your customers a single point of contact for your business, making it a fully reliable call forwarding or auto attendant service for small businesses who are working hard to grow. Your very own virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange or Telephone System) without the associated costs.

Whether you’re working alone from home with a single phone line or out and about with your mobile, this telephony solution is the one for you. Our systems functionality surpasses other networks’ call forwarding and auto attendant services by firmly putting you in control. Call Manager from Sundial Telecom allows you to choose which destination number your calls are delivered to and record personalised messages for when you’re unavailable. All this is done in real time, when you make the change it’s live immediately. The standard service will provide you with the following functionality:

Using the online Call Manager you can decide where calls to your number are delivered. For customer & product support services where you need to earn a revenue stream, an 0871 or 09 number can be used. The number can be delivered to one of 4 UK fixed lines or mobile numbers set by you, or straight to voicemail if you’re in a meeting, busy on another call, or not available for any other reason.
24/7 access to a dial in admin area, enabling you to change your voicemail message at any time or select the greeting you would like played to customers.
Voicemail to email. Any voice mails received by Call Manager are delivered to you via email instantly, giving you a permanent record of who’s been trying to reach you.
Fax to email. The Call Manager service allows you to receive a fax via email. It will receive faxes for you and deliver them straight to your email inbox. They can then be printed, forwarded or discarded. No more paper wastage by junk faxes. No more need for a different fax number.

The menu on the left will give you much more information about every aspect of our Call Manager service. If you’d like anything clarified or have any other question please do not hesitate to contact us.

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