Call Manager Key Benefits

The key benefits to you of using Call Manager include:

Privacy – If you’re starting a new venture chances are you’ll start from the spare bedroom at home and to keep the costs down you’ll almost certainly start out by using your home telephone line. If you start out with a Sundial Telecom number (see numbers section for more information) using Call Manager, as your business grows and you decide to move to more suitable premises, you simply change the delivery number online & your customers need not even know you’ve moved.
Big business appearance – Your customers will never hear the engaged tone again. If you’re busy on a call, Call Manager will play your message telling the caller just that and offer to take a voicemail which you’ll receive a few seconds later by email. You’ll never need to tie up the phone line retrieving voicemails again.
Lost your mobile? Usually this would give you a big problem if all your customers have the number as their only point of contact. It may take days to get a replacement during which time your regular customer may already be speaking to one of your competitors. If you’re using Call Manager you can simply change the delivery number to an alternative mobile number and you’re back in business within minutes.
Call Logging – All calls handled by Call Manager are logged and visible to you online. This will give you a ready stream of data and can be used, for example, for dispute resolution.
Fully hosted solution – You will never need to worry about the expense and hassle of spending money on a costly telephone system. Call Manager will do it all for you.
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