Call Manager Overview

Call Manager will enable you to choose where your calls are routed based on your own individual needs.

As you can see in the example below, you have the tools at your disposal to route calls to your numbers to whatever number you’d like, whenever you’d like. Offering sophisticated ‘time of day’ routing, Call Manager enables you to choose where your calls go at what times of the day, and what days of the week.

If you operate a small company with limited personnel you can create that ‘big company’ feel for your customers as they’ll never hear an engaged tone again. The call will be routed to your chosen number and if you’re busy on another call it’ll be answered by voicemail and the message emailed to you instantly.

Larger companies can benefit by giving each staff member their own personal number. Whether they are field based or flexible time workers they need never miss another call.

Sundial Telecom Call Manager Overview

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