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Send & receive faxes without a fax machine

Using Fax Manager is a very simple way of sending and receiving faxes without the need of a fax machine.

Sending Faxes

Sending faxes is completely ‘Pay As You Go’ with no monthly fee. With 95% of faxes sent costing just 6p per page you simply send an email to us with the document you’d like faxed attached to it, put the fax number in the ‘to’ field, for example 01223200099@sundialfax.com, & we do the rest. The fax will be sent within a few seconds of us receiving it and you’ll be notified by email of the result. For more information please click the ‘Sending Faxes’ link from the menu on the left or click here

There are other methods of uploading documents to us for faxing with email being the most popular. You can view these by clicking here

Receiving Faxes

Receiving faxes is even more straightforward. Simply choose a ‘virtual’ fax number from within your account control panel. Any faxes received on your fax number are immediately emailed to you as a TIF or PDF document. The number rental is just ¬£5 per month (including VAT) and there is no minimum term. The number will be yours for as long as you need it.

It only take a few minutes to create an account. Click the ‘Signup’ link at the top right of this page or click here.

“Fax, the technology that refuses to die.” – BBC News

It’s true, love it or hate it, fax is not going anywhere soon. We are now in the second decade of this new millenium and fax is as much in demand as it ever was. The only difference now is that users require more innovative ways of faxing documents which offer integration with their everyday business processes and online culture.

There are still lots of business scenarios that require certain documents to be sent and received by fax where no other method of transmission is adequate. There are also several reasons why this is the case as follows:

Financial Services

In cases where personal financial information is required to be sent to a third party, fax is the preferred method. Examples include –

  • Hotel Bookings – Credit card details of hotel guests can be faxed to the hotel by the booking agent.
  • Mortgage Applications – Personal financial details of mortgage applicants can be faxed to prospective lenders by mortgage brokers.
  • Share Settlements – Details of share deal settlements can be faxed between stockbrokers.


Patient identifiable data should not be viewed by any party not intended to view it. Once again, fax is the preferred option. Examples include –

  • Patient hospital appointments – Doctors Surgeries can fax patient information to hospital clinics, and vice versa.
  • Patient Prescriptions can be faxed to pharmacies by health centres and hospital clinics.

The electronic fax solutions available from Sundial Telecom really are the best in the business, offering a wealth of power, speed, flexibility and integration. Read more about them from the menu on the left.

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