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Send a fax from 6p per page

If you’ve ever wondered how to send a fax without a fax machine, send a fax over the internet or upload a document for faxing at a later date, our Sending Faxes service is just what you’ve been looking for. It includes several ways for you to upload a document for us to fax on your behalf.

You can send the document to us by email, upload it securely directly to our servers, or just type it into a web page. These methods are explained in more detail here.

This will enable you to send a fax document to someone if you do not have a fax machine. A completely Pay As You Go service, you can create an account, add money to the account, and be sending your first fax within minutes. There is no minimum contract and no time limit on the use of your account balance.

The most popular method, email, is explained below.

How to send a fax by email Sending a fax by email couldn’t be easier. Once you’re signed up it’s as simple as sending an email with an attached document (click here to find out which file formats we support). Actually, it is sending an email with an attached document but with the fax number you’d like the fax sent to as part of the mail address.

I think you’ll agree that’s quite simple – and you didn’t even leave your desk!

Using this method of sending faxes in conjunction with our Call Manager or Fax Manager service will enable you to also receive faxes by email.

You’ll choose a personal number which can be used for voice and fax calls.

If we detect an inbound fax to this number we process it & deliver it straight to your email address.

So, send and receive faxes from anywhere you can send or receive an email.

Please refer to ‘How do I send a fax by email?’ for more detailed information.

Our Customers have great things to say about it – You can be enjoying the benefits within a few minutes by signing up now!

“I feel compelled to contact you regarding your online service – Absolutely brilliant! A1! – A real life saver. I had a document that could only be received by fax, and it had to be there in the next 15 mins….What do you do without a fax machine?! – Go online and cross your fingers!! Thank you so much for being there and making it simple.” – Pete.

“We have implemented the ’email to fax’ service from Sundial Telecom into our systems to allow automatic transmission of faxes direct from user’s desktops.  It works very well and we have had no issues in 6 months of usage” – David Boxall – Home Assistance UK

“We currently send out over 2000  faxes per month.  Sundial Telecom have enabled us to save significant amounts of time and money.  They are always available on the phone to answer any queries or questions.  Sundial Telecom assisted us with a seamless migration from our previous fax vendor.   We would have no hesitation in recommending their fantastic service.”  – Karen Rice – Power Girls

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