Sending Faxes – Document Types

The Sundial Telecom Fax Manager service supports file formats generated by most recognised computer applications and we are continuously updating the formats we do support. There are some important things to remember when sending fax documents, whatever the document type:

  • If you send multiple documents these will be processed into a single, multi page fax document and sent at the same time. If you require a coversheet, this should be page one of your multi page document.
  • If you’re using email to upload documents for faxing we do not transmit any of the content in the email body as a fax, so this cannot be used as a coversheet. Please delete any content from the body of the email, such as signature files. If these arrive on our platform as attachments, they will be converted with the other attachments into the fax document and you will be charged to send them.
  • Where possible, format the document as A4 which will achieve the best results.
  • DO NOT send password protected documents – we will be unable to process them.
  • The document we receive from you will be converted to TIFF format, the industry standard fax file type, so the resultant fax may not be identical to the original document.
  • Documents that are very colourful and graphically heavy will take longer to transmit and therefore cost more to send.

Please refer to the ‘Help with fax document types’ page for a more detailed description of supported file types.

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