Fax Composer

The Fax Composer is one of several methods available for sending a fax. It is available from within the Fax Manager app in your control panel.

This method of sending a fax is by far the most simple. Intended for ‘on the fly’ fax documents you do not have to create a document purely for the purposes of faxing. The content is typed directly into a text box on the web page and sent from there.

It is specifically intended for short documents where you do not require a copy of what was sent, or if you have access to the internet but not to email.

As you can see from the example below there are only 3 things needed to send a fax –

1- The fax number you’d like the fax sent to.
2- Your email address – which is available from a drop down box when you’re logged in to the control panel.
3- The fax document content which you type directly into the text box provided.

When you’ve finished typing – just click ‘send’ and the fax will be on its way.

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