Fax Upload

The Fax Upload is one of several methods available for sending a fax. It is available from within the Fax Manager app in your control panel.

This method of sending a fax is intended for the upload of fax documents for the purposes of faxing without sending an email.

As you can see from the example below there are only 3 things needed to send a fax –

1- The fax number you’d like the fax sent to.
2- Your email address – which is available from a drop down box when you’re logged in to the control panel.
3- The location of the fax document on your computer or network.

Enter the fax number you’d like the document sent to. Click the browse button to navigate to the document on your computer or network.

Check that the file you’ve uploaded is the correct one, click ‘send’ and the fax will be on its way.
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