0330 Numbers

0330 numbers are described as UK-wide numbers at a geographic rate. More specifically they cost callers no more than a national call from a BT line and are are required to be included in inclusive calling plans. They were introduced to increase certainty, trust and confidence in the numbers that consumers use to call public services, voluntary organisations and companies who want a national presence.

Typical uses of 0330 freefone numbers are:

* General sales enquiries – use an 0330 number on your website & business stationary.

* Fax orders – use an 0330 number to receive customer purchase orders.

* Lead generation & mass marketing campaigns – use an 0330 number on leaflets for special offers and new products.

* Campaign monitoring – use different 0330 numbers for different marketing campaigns and use our Call Manager App to view calls to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign in real time. This is a powerful tool giving you instant data to analyse, enabling you to change the direction of your campaign whenever you decide to.

Calls to 0330 numbers will cost you 6p per minute and your customer nothing, which equates to a very efficient cost of customer acquisition.

If you need voice or fax services, or both, using Call Manager from Sundial Telecom in conjunction with your 0330 number will give you all the tools you need to decide where calls or faxes are routed, to what numbers, and at what times of day.  For more information see Call Manager or Fax Manager

0330 numbers

0330 numbers

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