0871 Numbers

0871 numbers are used for applications where a higher call cost is required. Providing a revenue share of up to 4p per minute to you, 0871 numbers will cost your customers 10p per minute to call you at all times. They are accessible from anywhere within the UK and Northern Ireland and are also known as national rate numbers. This makes them useful for businesses requiring a revenue share from inbound calls.

Revenue generated from the inbound calls can help you monetise the operation of an expensive customer service or support team. When used in conjunction with our Call Manager service, your 0871 number will provide you with a very powerful, highly configurable communications solution.

On the 1st August 2009, numbers beginning 087 (with the exception of 0870) became formally recognised as Premium Rate Services (PRS), putting them under the remit of PhonepayPlus’ (the Premium Rate Services Regulator for the UK) Code of Practice.

As a regulated provider of Premium Rate Services (PRS), Sundial Telecom can only allocate 0871 numbers to customers after a review of their intended use. If you’re interested in using 0871 numbers please contact us for more information.

0871 numbers

0871 numbers

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