Bespoke IVR

Do you need a more modern solution to handle incoming telephone calls?

Using the latest technology, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a completely automated way of handling multiple inbound telephone calls at the same time. It has almost limitless possibilities for your organisations call management, gives a professional image and guides the caller to exactly where they want to go.

The main functions of IVR are:

  • to give the caller information
  • to enable the caller to enter information
  • to provide the caller with options

It is the gateway to many telephony services but is predominantly used to manage call volume and to offer more choice to callers.

IVR is mostly used as the linchpin of other services. It’s the foundation of our call manager, voicemail, fax and premium rate services to name a few. Whichever service you need, we can help you handle the maximum number of callers possible, giving you the extra time to serve them more efficiently.

IVR is highly adaptable, so if we don’t already have the right service for you, we will be happy to work with you to develop exactly what you need.

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