Business Telephony

In any business one of your largest variable costs will probably be your phone bill. Many businesses are paying too much for their telephone calls and don’t realise it. Least cost routing and Carrier Pre Select offer businesses the chance to cut your outgoings without any impact on your infrastructure.

This means using an alternative network operator to BT. Since the government passed legislation to de-regulate the national telephone system least cost routing and carrier pre select have become more and more popular.

The legislation has ended BT’s dominance of the industry and has enabled other carriers to offer cheaper phone calls.

One of the key benefits is that you can keep all your existing phone numbers as well as your BT line, so the transition will cause little or no inconvenience to you and your company. In fact the only change will be the size of your phone bill. In the modern world making a business cost effective is absolutely key its success.

Least cost routing and carrier pre select offer a hassle-free way to make your telecommunications a lot more cost-effective. The question is surely not whether or not it is for you, but whether or not you can afford to be without it?

We can also provide significant savings on your telephone line rental, whether you’re currently using BT or any other provider.

If you would like more information, or a no obligation analysis of your latest telephone bill please contact us.

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