Call Manager

The Call Manager solution from Sundial Telecom is a UK call answering service that gives you the ability to use a single telephone number for all your telephone and fax call needs. Designed to be used with 0800, 0844, 0871, 0330, 09 or geographic numbers (see numbers section for more information), this solution gives your customers a single point of contact for your business, making it a fully reliable call forwarding or auto attendant service for small businesses who are working hard to grow. Your very own virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange or Telephone System) without the associated costs.

Whether you’re working alone from home with a single phone line or out and about with your mobile, this telephony solution is the one for you. Our systems functionality surpasses other networks’ call forwarding and auto attendant services by firmly putting you in control. Call Manager from Sundial Telecom allows you to choose which destination number your calls are delivered to and record personalised messages for when you’re unavailable. All this is done in real time, when you make the change it’s live immediately.

This section contains some useful, downloadable user guides to help you get the most from the the Call Manager service. If you are experiencing problems with any aspect of the service and cannot find the help you need, please contact our customer support team.

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