Call Manager Dial-In User Guide

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The Call Manager service from Sundial Telecom is the perfect solution for users who are on the move, and still need access to their clients voicemail messages. Call Manager enables you to redirect your calls to any phone that is convenient, but for those times when you are unavailable (busy on another call or in a meeting) a voicemail option will be offered to the caller. Using the Call Manager Dial-In Admin service you can access these voicemail messages at the first opportunity you get so you don’t need to wait until you’re back in the office to catch up.

Most of the configuration for this service is achieved via the web based control panel, but you also have the option of dialling this service to achieve the following:

  • Accessing your personal mailbox area to listen to voicemails.
  • Configuring call routing – change the preset numbers your calls are routed to.
  • Select where calls are delivered – change the numbers your calls are routed to from the preset list.
  • Re-record your voicemail outgoing messages.

Whilst this service is generally self explanatory, these instructions are offered as the fully comprehensive user guide. There is no particular order in which you should use any of the features in this menu driven service. Feel free to dip in and out for whichever option you need.

Accessing Your Personal Mailbox Area

To access your personal mailbox area:

  • Dial 0844 809 0300 and follow the instructions.
  • Enter your mailbox number (this is usually your Call Manager telephone number – 0844 or 0800)
  • Enter your pin code which you will have been notified of in your welcome email. If you’d like this changed, please contact support@sundialtele.com.

If you accidentally key in the wrong numbers at any point, don’t worry, as you will be given another 2 opportunities to enter the correct numbers. On successful entry to the service, you will hear your message status, informing you of how many messages you have received or saved.

Main Menu

The main menu is the first step in your call management. You will initially be given the following options.

  • “To configure call routing, press 1”
  • “To check your voicemail messages, press 2”
  • “To configure your voice mail box, press 3”
Please NoteAt the end of every menu throughout the service you will also be given the option to return to the previous menu. To do this, just follow the instruction to press *

To Configure Call Routing

This is the feature that makes your business truly mobile. Here you will be able to switch your calls to specific regular numbers (such as home or your mobile number), set the service to collect voicemail, or inform customers when you are away. It is also there for when you want to programme in a one off number. You have the option of storing up to 4 numbers at any one time, but these can be changed as often as required.
Once you have selected 1 for call routing, you will hear the following options.

  • “To select where calls will be delivered, press 1”
  • “To review and configure destination phone numbers, press 2”
  • “To review or re-record your Outgoing Only Message, press 3”

To Select Where Calls Will Be Delivered

Once this option is selected you will be given the phone number that your calls are currently being delivered to. This will be one of your pre-configured numbers, ie. telephone number 1. You will then be informed of what telephone number 1 is set to, ie. 01234 56789.

Please NoteIf you haven’t yet configured any numbers, you will first need to go to option 2 of the above menu and configure destination phone numbers. Instructions can be found in the next section.

If you wish to change where calls will be delivered, this is the place to do it. You will hear the following self explanatory options.

  • “To deliver all calls to telephone number 1, press 1. For telephone number 2, press 2 etc.”
  • “To deliver all calls to voicemail, press 5, or if you want callers to hear your outgoing only message, press 6”

You can now choose the number you wish to receive your calls at – or give customers the option of leaving a message in the case of voicemail – and leave an information message in the case of outgoing message only.

Please NoteIn order to record a voicemail greeting, you will need to go to option 3 of the main menu. For the Outgoing Only Message, you will need option 3 of the Configure Call Routing menu.

Once you have made a selection, you will hear “Your calls will now be delivered to …” and you can then check that the phone number is correct. You will then be re-directed to the previous menu, Configure Call Routing.

To Review and Configure Destination Phone Numbers

Once you have selected this option, you will hear “Please select the phone number to review”.
You now have the option to assign a particular telephone number, (eg. home) to a particular list position, (eg telephone number 1). You can have up to 4 pre-configured numbers at a time. However, you can change these numbers as often as you need to.

When you select a list position to change or configure for the first time, you will then be prompted to enter in the new number. Once the number has been read back to you, you need to press # to confirm it.

Re-Record Outgoing Only Message

The outgoing only message is for those times when you wish to inform any callers that you cannot take their call (for example when you’re on holiday) but without offering the option to leave a voicemail message.
The first time you use this feature, you will be asked to record a message. This message can, of course, be changed at any point.

After the first time, whenever you select this option you will instantly hear your current message.
You will then be given the following options.

  • “If that recording is acceptable, press 1”
  • “To replay it, press 2”
  • “To re-record, press 3”
      These options will be repeated until you have recorded and selected the message you are happy with.

      Check Voicemail Messages

      If you have been notified that you have messages, you can press 2 from the main menu to listen to them. They will be played automatically when you enter this area.
      After each message you will be informed of the time it was recorded, and the number of the caller.
      You will then be given 3 options.

  • “To save the message, press 1”
  • “To replay the message, press 2”
  • “To delete this message, press 3”
    • “To review or re-record your mailbox greeting message, press 1”
    • “To review or re-record your greeting when busy message, press 2”
    • “To review or change your message notification settings, press 3”
    • “If that recording is acceptable, press 1”
    • “To replay it, press 2”
    • “To re-record, press 3”
  • These options will be offered at the end of each message, before you move on to the next one.

    Please NoteWhile listening to your messages, you can use the following techniques to help you get precisely the information you need.
    Press 4 – message skips back 5 seconds
    Press 5 – message pauses and resumes
    Press 6 – message skips forward 5 seconds
    Press 7 – message skips to beginning
    Press 9 – message jumps to end

    To Configure Your Voice Mail Box

    In this area, you will be able to record or change your greetings and decide where you want to be notified if you receive a message. The options are as follows:

    Options 1 & 2 follow the same format. If you have not already recorded a greeting, you will be asked to do so. If you have a greeting, then it will be played to you upon entering these areas.
    Your options will then be as follows:

    When you are happy with your recording, it is then ready to be set and can be used immediately.

    Changing Message Notification Setting

    Please contact us with the details of how you want to be notified of any messages and provide us with details of your mobile number and/or email address.
    We are sure that you will find the service easy to use and will quickly find that using it becomes second nature. However, if you do experience any difficulties, or feel that the service is not clear in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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