How do I send a fax by email?

This page describes how to send a fax by email.

As soon as you have created your Sundial Telecom account, you can start sending faxes by email following these 4 easy steps:

Create a new email from your email package – Outlook, Google mail, Hotmail etc. This email should be sent from the email address you used when you created your account, or an email address you have added to your permitted senders. We do not transmit any of the content in the email body as a fax, so this cannot be used as a coversheet. Please delete any content from the body of the email, such as signature files. If these arrive on our platform as attachments, they will be converted with the other attachments into the fax document and you will be charged to send them.
In the ‘to’ field of the email put the fax number of the person you’d like the fax sent to followed by @sundialfax.com. For example if you were sending a fax to us here at Sundial Telecom you’d type 01223200099@sundialfax.com. Please refer to ‘Help with fax number formatting’ for more information.
Attach the document or documents you’d like to be faxed to the email. If you attach multiple documents these will be processed into a single, multi page fax document and sent at the same time. Please refer to ‘Help with fax document types’ for more information.
Send the email.
How to send a fax by email When we receive your email we check that your email address is a permitted fax sender. The attached document is then processed, added to the fax queue and inserted into the fax log on your account. You can track the progress of the fax in your control panel via the Fax Manager.

Confirmation Emails

We’ll send you emails notifying you of the following events –

  • We’ve received your email, your document has been processed and added to the fax queue.
  • The fax has successfully been sent.
  • There was a problem with sending your fax. This will detail the next steps you should take.

If you’re sending a lot of faxes, you can choose which emails you’d like to receive. You could choose to switch off email notification altogether and manage your fax activity in your control panel.

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